Riding Freedom Activity

Riding Freedom

            Effect’s of a character’s past

  1. Examine how character’s past impacts their present actions, thought’s, and feelings.

Two Settings

      2.Compare and contrast two settings.

   Historical Fiction

      3.Explain how historical events and details affect characters.

Real Word Connections

    4. Connect a theme in Historical Fiction to today’s world.

Vocabulary Words from lesson-16 Riding Freedom

Riding Freedom

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   Riding Freedom Vocab. Words

  1. escorted (v)- led, gone with a person as a guide
  2. swelled (v)- to increase in size or volume
  3. relied (v)- to be depedent for support
  4. reputation (n)- the general worth or quality of someone or something as judged by others or by the general public
  5. worthy (adj.) value
  6. churning (adj.) moving forcefully
  7. situation (n.) event
  8. deserve (v) to be worthy of or have a right to merit
  9. defended (v) to protect from harm
  10. satisfied (v) pleased, to fulfill or gratify